Return info (RMA)

Return info (RMA)


It is the customer’s responsibility to check the goods upon receipt of the consignment.
If the consignment proves to be short, damaged or defective, the customer must complain in writing to BOSSCOM’s seller within two working days of receipt.
If this is not done, the customer shall be considered to have accepted the consignment.


BEFORE sending in RMA goods, the customer must always obtain an RMA number!
This RMA number can only be obtained by submitting BOSSCOM’s online RMA form.
If the return is authorised, an RMA number shall be issued via e-mail within 48 hours of the application being received in BOSSCOM’s RMA system.
All the spaces in the form must be filled in, and BOSSCOM will reject any application that has not been filled in correctly.
It is extremely important to fill in the product number, invoice number, serial number and description of the fault correctly, as it is these that form the basis for the RMA number.
An RMA number shall be valid for 7 days from the date of issue. RMA numbers used after this deadline shall be deleted without further warning.

BOSSCOM reserves the right to refer to the manufacturer's procedure for handling RMA when the manufacturer offers to handle RMA and guarantee issues directly with the end user.

Purchased products will not be credit your account - only changed or repaired.
The RMA number must be stated clearly on the outside of the consignment.
NO writing or stickers may be affixed directly to the original packaging.
Goods that are sent in without an RMA number, or where the RMA number is not clearly visible, shall be rejected upon receipt.
The e-mail with the RMA number must be printed out and enclosed with the consignment.
All return goods must be packed carefully to avoid damage incurring in transit.
Products that are being sent back for crediting MUST be returned in their original, unbroken packaging.
BOSSCOM CANNOT guarantee that accessories that are sent in will be returned. For this reason, defective goods should be sent in WITHOUT accessories, and packed in anti-static material, as a minimum, in order to avoid further damage to the electrical components.
Upon receipt BOSSCOM shall reject all RMA consignments that it finds to be incorrectly packaged. A handling fee of EURO 40.- shall be charged for such consignments.
The customer shall pay the freight and insurance costs for RMA goods sent to BOSSCOM.


The turnaround time for an RMA case is normally 1-4 weeks from the time BOSSCOM receives the goods.
However, this turnaround time may be longer, depending on the type of goods that are sent in.
All goods that are returned shall be tested according to the description of the fault as notified by the customer.
Goods showing clear signs of having been incorrectly assembled / mishandled shall be rejected without further notice.
For example:
- Goods with obvious physical damage or defects
- Goods without a serial number

For these goods and goods that are found not to be faulty as notified in the fault description, and returned goods that turn out not to have been sold by BOSSCOM, shall be charged with a handling fee of EURO 40.- per product. An invoice shall be issued without further notice.
For an RMA number for which a handling fee is charged BOSSCOM reserves the right to not to complete the case before this fee has been paid.
All defective goods shall be exchanged with similar products, as a minimum. In the event that BOSSCOM is unable to exchange the product with a similar product, BOSSCOM reserves the right to exchange it with a compatible product of newer manufacture. In the event that this is not possible either, BOSSCOM reserves the right to issue a credit note for the product, at the current price.
The freight and insurance costs for RMA goods that BOSSCOM exchanges and sends to the customer shall be paid by BOSSCOM.

Guarantee periods:

All products are supplied with the guarantees offered to BOSSCOM by the producer or the supplier.
The customer shall not be able to obtain any further product guarantee from BOSSCOM.
In the event that BOSSCOM supplies products that are not a part of our normal range of goods, the details of the guarantee shall be stated directly on the invoice.

Damage incurred in transit:
In the event of damage incurred in transit in cases where BOSSCOM has insured the consignment, the customer MUST receive the consignment with reservation.
The customer must inform the person responsible for the sale by e-mail on the same day, or by the day after the receipt, at the latest.
This e-mail should include the following information:
The tracking no., the BOSSCOM invoice no., the number of items that are damaged, and confirmation that the consignment was received with reservation.
If possible, the customer shall include pictures of the consignment, showing the damage.
The customer must set the entire consignment aside, and the products may NOT be taken into use until BOSSCOM has found out whether the freight company needs to inspect the consignment.
BOSSCOM shall then arrange for the return transport – the customer must NOT make its own arrangements.

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