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Grasmattor upp till 1100 m2
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BOSSMOW J1 is a battery driven boundary cable laying machine. It can be used with cables with a width of 2,5-6mm (all of BOSSMOW's cables are supported).

BOSSMOW J1 is used for laying boundary and guide cable into the ground and with a speed of 60m per minute and a minimum noise, the J1 ensures a fast and precise job.

The machine is meant for use by professional installers only.


Can lay up to 60 meters of cable a minute

Up to 8 hours of use on a single charge

Runs on batteries

Low noice when in use

Durable in all kinds of weather

Compatible with all BOSSMOW Cables

Up to 6mm of cable supported


 Further details:

Download the Brochure in PDF 

Download the Manual in PDF 


Manufacturer :: BOSSMOW

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