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Cable Tracker Advanced Pro

Grasmattor upp till 1100 m2
Item No. 12446546
Between 4 and 6 days

New Cable Tracker from BOSSCOM for fast diagnostics of breaks and shorts in cables in the ground. Can reach down to 2 meters.

Package consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter provides a modulated AC voltage. The reciever is equipeed with a coil that will generate a small amount of pressure. The receiver's electronic circuitry calculates the voltage and displays it on display. 

Output signal: 125 kHz
Size: 190mm x 89mm x 42,5mm
Weight: 420g
Power Supply: 9v Battery

Size: 241,5mm x 78mm x 38,5mm
Weight: 350g
Power Supply: AAA Batteries. 


Manufacturer :: BOSSMOW

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