Choose the right blades for your robot mower

BOSSMOW PREMIUM blades - Titanium

Grasmattor upp till 1100 m2
BOSSMOW PREMIUM Blades with titanium coating ensures that the knife does not splinter on contact with a stone, keeps the blade sharp and extends product life even with constant use.

NEWS: eXtreme Long Life Safety Blade 0,85mm

BOSSCOMs new eXtreme 0,85mm knives for Husqvarna Automower are the safest and most durable blades for Automower in the market. The combination of eXtreme hard metal and titanium coating makes these blades sharp and straight about 20-30% longer than 0,6mm safety blades. The included screws are made of a stronger material than standard screws for longer life.

The eXtreme Long Life Safety Blades 0,60mm / 0,75mm / 0,85mm comes in blister packs of 9 and 45 pcs. and in boxes of 300 and 500 pcs. 

Manufacturer :: BOSSCOM

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